Purdue Traditions Grand Prix

Purdue University is rooted in tradition, and we wanted to showcase the impact that these traditions hold on students. By showcasing different people within different aspects of the Purdue University Grand Prix Foundation, we are able to see the steps students are taking towards their Next Giant Leap. The Grand Prix Foundation was formed in 1958 and has been able to grow through persistent student innovation, and through the Grand Prix Foundation Motto “students helping students.” Learn more below and buy your ticket today!

Purdue Grand Prix

Purdue University is rooted in over 150 years of traditions. These traditions unite all Boilermakers. With spring semester in full swing, one Purdue’s favorite traditions is here. So start your engines, Boilermakers! Grand Prix Race 65 is here! This Purdue Tradition joins students together for the greatest spectacle in college racing. Through persistent innovation, 33 drivers and teams will go head-to-head participating in this 160-lap race. 

Additionally, leadership and involvement opportunities are fixed in to the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation. By distributing over $10,000 worth of scholarships and promoting women leaders through their queen program, Purdue Grand Prix Foundation takes small steps towards togetherness and innovation. Get your tickets today and learn more about the Grand Prix Foundation below!